About us

Narf Cattery is placed in València (Spain). We are specialized in persian and exotic cats with coats golden, silver and chinchilla.

We take our duty seriously as breeders, choosing our cats among a well studied breeding program and in a wonderful environment to warrant first and foremost the well being of our cats in our place and with their new adoptive families.

Con nuestros amigos de Aldeanor (Expo CFA Madrid, 2013)

Why us

  • We believe in ethical breeding and our goal is always the well being of our cats
  • We carry a cared breeding program with lines from very different countries
  • We work for having cats with nice character
  • We always take care for their best health condition
  • PKD free cattery (genetically tested)
  • They live in a big space with total freedom together with us

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Fran Soldado

Email: info@narfcattery.com

Hi, my name is Fran and I’m the head of Narf Cattery. I’m from and I live in València (Spain), and I’m a truly cat lover, learning everyday from them and about them.


Pablo Arce

Hello. It’s Pablo here. I started in the cat world trying to save orphans from the streets. In 2007 I had my first persian, my Ximo, thanks to Fran, and till now, cats are for me a truly passion.